Give $10 on the 10th to build a home and a community! image

Give $10 on the 10th to build a home and a community!

A solid roof, a secure home, a safe neighborhood are things we take for granted. To those we serve, this is their dream. A home of their own. Donating $10 today, helps them build a home and helps you build up your community.

$1,405 raised

$12,000 goal

/ 150


How can constructing A HOME change a whole community? Each home, each Habitat partner family member in that home, each Habitat volunteer, and each donor comes together for a common purpose. It is a simple answer with powerful, compounding, legacy-building results.

When you contribute to something new, that you helped build, it is like it is yours. You start to care about it and this concern sparks a greater community relationship and security. Stronger communities benefit everyone economically, socially, and educationally.

When one family has a safe, affordable home, they are able to give back. Their kids have a better chance at higher education. These kids have also seen how a whole community cares about them and many decide to pay it forward.

Ten dollars...on the 10th.

Will you give today and help us build a better community together?