strength, stability and self-reliance

every donation makes a difference

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every donation makes a difference

It takes more than wood and nails to build a home, it takes a tool box filled with financial literacy, determination, and support. It is Wabash County Habitats' goal to fill the toolbox, so our partner families can become successful responsible homeowners and go on to help build our community.

Our affiliate has been building homes for 25 years in Wabash County. After a quarter of a century, we are still committed to building simple, decent, affordable homes in Wabash County. We strive to provide strong family support through education and financial literacy for our homeowners. This focus on education and development of Habitat families makes the whole community stronger.

Habitat for Humanity doesn't just build homes – it transforms lives and creates happier endings for the families we serve. It builds community. It builds hope. Your donations build the toolbox that builds a batter Wabash County!