We Wish to Build Two New Homes and Complete Four Home Repairs image

We Wish to Build Two New Homes and Complete Four Home Repairs

For 2 New Homeowners and 4 Homeowners in need

$20 raised

$75,000 goal


/ 150


Six projects are Planned for 2017

Our 30th homeowner family will be Raul and Mairyn and their three children; their home will be located at 10653 E 350 S, LaGrange, IN 46761.
This home-building project will begin on April 21, 2017, with a target completion date of June 22, 2017. This family dreams of going from renting to home ownership in LaGrange County. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Mairyn is a naturalized citizen, and it is Raul's hope that he can complete that process in the near future. The children hope to be able to play in a yard that is "kid friendly."

Alison and her two children want to move from living in an overcrowded trailer to a safe home of their own. This 31st home is scheduled to be built this fall. The exact location and starting dates for that project are still to be determined.

In addition to home-building projects, we are planning four home repairs.

Viola wishes to do some remodeling in her home so that, as she ages, she can stay in her home for years to come. The plan is to install new ADA kitchen cabinets, new ADA stove and refrigerator, new vinyl flooring throughout the home, and, finally, move wall plugs to an ADA height. Our goal is to complete this extensive project sometime this summer.

Amanda's wish is to have a new roof on her home to replce the current roof. A failure in her electrical system caused water to leak into her kitchen and damage her ceiling. Our hope is to complete this home repair this spring or summer.

We still have two repairs to go and we are waiting the return of several applications before they can be approved by our board of directors.